New Bluetooth Range


In 2013, Sonelco developed a rangeof products with Bluetooth technology, which permits listening to music fromsmartphones, tablets or computers, etc. without requiring a cable connection.The P8110 business kit, especially designed for shops and commercial premises,is worthy of note. With its 4 speakers and 8+8 W amplifier, it can provide asound system for a small business without requiring any construction work. Itincorporates Bluetooth for external source audio and integrated stereo tuner.Now, Sonelco launches two new controls with Bluetooth technology onto themarket: the PCP1273, which has 3 audio channels: two of them local, Bluetoothand integrated tuner, and another channel from a centralised unit. Sonelco hasalso developed an application (app) with free download for this control, whichpermits controlling all the audio functions from an Android device, includingthose of the tuner. This product is ideal for hotels, clinics, offices,housing, etc. and it can be installed in existing Sonelco systems, takingadvantage of the cabling and boxes already installed. And the PCP1293 control,with power supply at 230 V AC, to listen to music from any device withBluetooth technology. It does not require cables between rooms. Especiallydesigned for hotels and independent spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


New Bluetooth range

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Paris: Merlaud territory


Merlaud, acompany with shares in Sonelco, was selected to supply the Eiffel Towerpublic-address equipment, designed in agreement with evacuation standard EN54-16.  But many other large constructionworks in Paris have been equipped with Merlaud products: Notre-Dame, Paris-Orlyairport, underground and train lines, etc. And it is present all over theworld. Merlaud has been manufacturing public-address systems since 1923 and hascarried projects in many different countries: airports such as Singaporeairport (with more than 15,000 speakers and IP public-address), and ITER (themost important project in the world in nuclear fusion), nuclear power stationsin France, Taiwan underground, oil refineries in the Middle East, and manyothers.



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